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Command Tab

Command to run

This is where you specify the command you want to execute on each of the remote machines. A nice feature of PSEXEC is that when you use it to execute .CMD batch files or .VBS scrips that launch via CSCRIPT, you can see the output as the command or script executes on the remote machine.

Remember, when specifing command paths:

  • Any network path you specify must be accessible from the other machine, running under the credentials you have specified under Options / Network Paths.
  • No drive letter mappings will be available.

You can leave command empty if you just want to ping all the machines in your list.

Previously used commands

Once you have saved some commands, you can double-click on a command to have it auto-fill the 'Command to run' field.

To Save the 'Command to run' for future use, click the [Save] button. This can save time if you run similar commands again.

To Remove one of your saved commands, hilight it in the 'Previously used commands' list, then click [Remove] to remove it from the list permanently.

To modify a previously saved command, double-click it first to bring it into the 'Command to run' field. From there you can modify it, Save it, and then Remove the old one.

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