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An Intuitive PSExec GUI allowing you to run a command on a list of remote machines.

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Puts your computer into StandBy (Sleep) mode.

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Future Plans

RemoteManage: Perform useful tasks against a single remote machine.

  • Quick configuration info; Windows version, platform
  • See who's logged on; Log someone off to free a session
  • Enable RDP; Launch RDP session
  • List process tree including start time, owner and full path; kill a process
  • List installed software; Get uninstall string
  • See last reboot time; Initiate restart
  • More...

GroupManager: Manage AD groups easily.

  • See Nested memberships visually.
  • See accounts that are *not* in required groups.
  • Bulk-add machines to groups.

ServerRebootManager: Manage server groups and reboot schedules.

  • Different schedules for different groups of servers.
  • Multi-phase reboot execution for control of reboot order and server dependencies.
  • Alert for which servers will reboot tomorrow.
  • Monitoring that each server comes up after reboot, and alert if not.

Phone Directory: Web page exposing phone directory from AD

  • Easy keyboard search - type a few letters of first or last name, Enter, and see results
  • Quickly see phone numbers and email address
  • Easy to deploy to all users - just add a Favourite, or link from corporate intranet page

Change Control: Simple web-based system for change requests, if you are not ready to invest in a full-fledged 3rd party system.

  • Enter Change Requests
  • Devine Approvers
  • Approval Workflow via Email
  • Reminder alerts for required approvals, approvals gained, closure required
  • View CRs that are in play

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